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Our Green School Committee meet regularly. We are made up of students from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th and we get together to discuss how we can make our school more environmentally friendly.


We regularly deliver messages to our own class and chat to the junior classes we are paired with about environmental issues. This year so far, we have designed posters for each class reminding our classmates to: 

  • Turn off the projector and lights when leaving the classroom. 

  • Recycle used paper in the classroom paper bin and we have a rota of classmates to empty them regularly.

  • We use reusable water bottles and lunch boxes to reduce plastic.

  • In art lessons we re-use egg cartons and newspaper when painting. We keep scrap paper to re-use for art projects.

Each year we explore a theme and this year our theme is 

Global Citizenship: Travel 

So far we have had a Walk to School Week in September, where we counted how many of our classmates walked to school. The results of our survey can be seen up on our Green School Notice Board. 

We love working together to make our school more environmentally aware. Our message to you all is GO GREEN ! Remember to 'Reuse, Reduce and Recycle'.

   The Green School Committee 

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Recycled Christmas Decoration competition  (Dec. 22)

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