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Yellow Flowers
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Welcome to our Meadow Page

The Meadow has three classes; Junior, Middle & Senior Classes.

  • Chloe teaches our Junior Class, supported by three SNAs, Audrey, Gill and Aíne.

  • Yvonne teaches our Middle Class, supported by two SNAs, Andrew and Carolann.

  • John teaches our Senior Class, supported by two SNAs, Ailín and Denise.

We have a gym in The Meadow, where the children love the swing and also jumping on the trampoline.  We also have a Quiet Room, where the children can relax and rewind. In the garden, we have our favourite activity, the swings! The children also love to explore and play in the garden.


Some of the children's favourite things to do are to play with their friends, learn new things and bake cupcakes. They also enjoy art, especially painting.


     You can see some examples of their art projects below:

                                 THE MEADOW YOUTH CLUB

Past pupils of The Meadow get together once a month, on a Thursday evening, at The Meadow Youth Club. This club is facilitated by school staff and gives the teenagers a safe place to hang out and continue the friendships they forged over the years in our school.

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